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About Us

Information about preschool education


Preschool education is designed for children between 3 and 6 years of age, in some cases two year old children can be accepted as well. It complements the family upbringing and enriches it with specific stimuli. It‘s an educational stage when the child gains social experience, knowledge about the world around and first skills for life long learning. Preschool education follows the national curriculum for preschool education. 

Nursery school attendance is obligatory for children from 5 years (the age reached by the 31st of August is decisive). Parents pay a portion of the costs (tuition fee 600,- Kč) and meals (aprox. 1000-1100,- Kč a month). Children who are supposed to start in the final year of the nursery school are admitted preferentially and pay only for meals. Other criteria can be permanent address within the Municipality, which is the  founding entity of  the NS. 

A child signs up for part time (he/she leaves after lunch) or full time attendance.  NS provides morning snacks, lunch and afternoon snacks with drinks. 

School year in NS starts on the 1.9. and ends on  the 31. 8. Only some NS are opened in July and August and as for the attendance,  different rules apply. Children are  placed in classes divided by age or  in mixed-age classes. There are usually 25 – 28 children and 2 teachers in a class. The NS is managed by a principal, who is responsible for the children‘ s admission.  


Nursery school‘s daily schedule


The daily schedule is flexible, it‘s adjusted to the programme of the class and the children’s needs. Parents must bring and pick up the child in certain time period, if they do not agree otherwise with the principal and the teachers. 

This is an example of daily schedule, you can fill in the times:

6:15 - 8:30 Meeting of children, free games and spontaneous activities of children, individual work with children, art and work activities.

8:30 – 9:00 Snack, after the snack the children continue their education. Community circle, conversations with children, short relaxation exercises. Furthermore, content according to the current thematic section - e.g. activities that develop the child's competence in the areas of cognitive, musical, creative, movement, work, etc.

9:30 – 11:30 Preparation for being outside, being outside - a walk in the neighborhood, being in the school garden, a trip

11:30 – 12:00 Preparation for lunch – hygiene, lunch

12:00 – 14:00 Preparation for rest, reading or listening to fairy tales and stories, songs. Older children and children with less need for sleep get up earlier and engage in quiet activities in the classroom. Children do not have to sleep, but they have space to rest according to their individual needs.

14:00-16:45 Snack, then games according to the children's interests and choice. Individual and group activities, stay in the garden.

16:45 End of Kindergarten operation

List of supplies for nursery school


Adaptation plan

It is advisable to use an adaptation plan for the smooth adaptation of new children. 

SAMPLE – Adaptation plan of a child in kindergarten 

Our kindergarten has developed a so-called adaptation plan for new children, which allows children to gradually get used to the kindergarten environment with the support of their own parents and kindergarten teachers.

It helps the child a lot during the adaptation if the parent initially participates in the kindergarten together with the child according to the following plan: The parent comes with the child to the kindergarten on the adaptation day, which the school announces in advance.

In the first weeks of attendance, it is advisable to pick up the child from kindergarten after lunch.

Gradually extend the time of stay.